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Rahat Indori - Shayari, Sher, Status, Poetry, Quotes

Dr. Rahat Indori

                Rahat Indori is a well-known Urdu shayar and lyrics writer. He was born in 1950 in Indore and did his basic education from there. He completed his MA in Urdu literature from Bhopal and achieved his PhD from Bhuj University of Madhya Pradesh. His childhood was a tough one as the family was going through a financial crisis, so he began to work as a sign-painter at the tender age of ten.
Rahat took up a teacher’s job in Urdu literature at IK College, Indore and got engrossed in mushairas and began to get invitations from everywhere in India and abroad. He was a good student and also the captain of the football and hockey teams at school and college levels. He recited his first sher in his college days when he was only 19. 

He is the recipient of a number of national and international awards for Urdu sher-o-shayari. He is also a popular lyrics writer in the Hindi film industry.

Rahat Indori Sad Shayari in Hindi

मुझे वो छोड़ गया,
ये कमाल है उसका,
इरादा मैंने किया था,
के छोड़ दूंगा उसे....
- Dr Rahat Indori

Attitude Shayari Status in Hindi

आँख में पानी रखो ,
होठों पे चिंगारी रखो ।
ज़िंदा रहना है तो ,
तरकीबें बहुत सारी रखो ।।
Attitude Shayari Status in Hindi

Khata Hindi Shayari Status

फूलों की दुकानें खोलो, 
खुशबू का व्यापार करो
इश्क़ खता है तो, 
ये खता एक बार नहीं, 
सौ बार करो ।।
Khata Hindi Shayari Status

Best Yaad Shayari Status - Rahat Indori

उसकी याद आई हैं ,
साँसों ज़रा धीरे चलो ।
धड़कनो से भी इबादत में ,
खलल पड़ता हैं ।।
Best Yaad Shayari Status - Rahat Indori

Hakikat status in hindi - Rahat Indori

अंदर का ज़हर चूम लिया 
धुल के आ गए
कितने शरीफ़ लोग थे 
सब खुल के आ गए
Hakikat status in hindi - Rahat Indori

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